Financial Donations

gencounty-jailSince 1966, Forgotten Man Ministries (FMM), headquartered in Grand Rapids, MI,  has provided a non-cost to inmates evangelistic and discipleship outreach to the jails and prisons of the great State of Michigan.  All FMM donations state-wide are processed through the Grand Rapids Headquarters.  

Forgotten Man Ministries launched the Genesee County Jail Ministry in 1974.  Funding sources come from private contributors, churches, and businesses.

Forgotten Man Ministries receives no government funding and is a certifiable, fully audited, 501 (c) (3) charitable religious organization. Each donation is fully IRS tax-deductible and always receipted by mail.

Your Help is Truly Needed!


** Please designate the Genesee County Jail on the bottom of the donation form.

Checks/money orders may also be mailed directly to Forgotten Man Ministries Headquarters:
Forgotten Man Ministries, 3940 Fruit Ridge Ave. NW, Grand Rapids, MI 49544
** Memo Check: Genesee County 

Your Gift Makes A Difference

Our yearly budget at the Genesee County Jail is approximately $140,000 or $11,700 per month.  As faithful stewards, we stretch our budget as far as possible – even so, there are regularly more needs that we can currently fill.

Our GRO Pod wait-list is currently 40 inmates who have asked to participate in the program that includes 38 days/5 hours of bible study per day.  The success of this program is proving to impact not only the jail, but the greater Flint area as well through a large reduction in recidivism rates.

General Recidivism Rate – 8 out of 10 (76%) inmates return to jail within 6 years
GRO Pod Recidivism Rates – 2 out of 10 (22%) inmates return to jail within 6 years