GRO Pod Support

GRO Pod support is needed each month for Chaplain Leo Wynne.

The GRO Pod program (5th Floor) has a curriculum of 168 hours of Biblical principles workshops lasting for 8 weeks.  Students are waiting to get into this program.

The curriculum includes a complete Bibilical LIfe Principles course, Bible memorization, plus interactive video Instruction topics including marriage principles, handling finances, family life issues, prayer, forgiveness, grace, study of the life of Jesus, etc.   GRO Pod results show that less than 1 out of 4 graduates never return to jail or prison.  Traditionally, 3 out of 4 (repeat offenders) will return in 3 years.

We have a waiting list of inmates wanting to get into the GRO Pod at present. We presently have 20 students and 5 graduate students auditing each 8 week session.  The Genesee mission graduates over 120 students each year.  It costs us $230 per student (including materials) to graduation.  We are making disciples and lowering our tax burden as we reduce the repeat offenders.  This is a WIN-WIN situation.  Would you consider sponsoring one GRO Pod student for $230?  We need your financial help to ensure that we can continue with this valuable ministry as it is positively effecting our community.

The GRO Pod and all of our daily jail ministry programs are making disciples and lowering our tax burden.

How Can I Help?

Sponsor a GRO Pod Student for $230 (one time gift) or support the Genesee misson with a monthly gift.   Lives are being changed, hope is being renewed and you can be a part of it all!


Checks/money orders may also be mailed directly to Forgotten Man Ministries Headquarters:

Forgotten Man Ministries
3940 Fruit Ridge Ave. NW
Grand Rapids, MI 49544
Memo Check: Genesee County Jail