Correspondence Bible Courses

Forgotten Man Ministries offers ongoing discipleship through an array of Bible Correspondence Courses. Each inmate may register in our Bible training courses at no cost to the inmate. The FMM Bible correspondence training program consists of first level Bible courses and then moves to the advanced level courses that may continue on for many years. Inmates write us daily with grateful appreciation for the opportunity to learn about God and His plan for their lives through His Word, the Bible.

Over 15,000 Bible Lessons Graded annually in the Genesee County Jail

Associate chaplains, for over 40 years now, hand out, collect, grade, (often counsel), and issued award certificates to male and female inmates taking the Bible correspondence course studies in the Genesee County Jail. Together they grade over 15,000 Bible lessons each year. Due to the increasing interest in the Bible courses, additional associates and volunteers have been added to grade courses throughout the week.
                       Associate Chaplain Ron Maier heads up our Bible Correspondence Dept. (Right Photo)

God is ever changing lives as He guides and instructs the student throughout the Bible courses. The printing, handling, distribution, and mailing of these courses relies directly upon donations received from jail ministry supporters.

Upon the satisfactory completion of each of our Bible courses, the student receives a Forgotten Man Ministries Correspondence Course Award Certificate.

If a student completes all of our courses, an award study Bible is received.

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