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Pre-counsel begins at the initial meeting with an inmate. One will not listen to God’s wisdom (I Cor. 1:18) until he/she has trusted and believed in Jesus Christ as Savior.

Our goals are to diffuse the fragrance of Christ among those that are being saved and those that are perishing (2 Cor 2:15).

Bill Stone Discipleship


  • Review Salvation & Biblical Assurance
  • Put Bible in their hands
  • Encourage FMM Bible Courses
  • Spiritual guidance mentoring


Disipleship Al Keast Bible Study

Discipleship/Counseling Training

The Jail Chaplain facilitates training classes for clergy volunteers and counseling sessions with inmates.

“…making disciples” (Matthew 28:19)

Making disciples is a long term commitment. Discipleship is the process of meeting with inmates on a regular basis after one has received Jesus Christ as their personal Savior and teaching them to observe what He has commanded in His Word.

Familiarization with the Bible along with comparing one’s life to the Biblical standards enable the inmate to begin the process of followship.

This Biblical process significantly reduces the recidivism rate for inmates returning to jail or prison if they fully commit to change and obedient to God.