GRO Pod = God Restoring Offenders

In September, 2012 we began a Biblical Principles Class with 15 students housed together in 5B.

Each student commits to attend the 8 weeks – 168 hours of teaching. The program was formulated in the Kent County Jail that has monitored the student progress and reports a reduction in inmate rate of return to jail (recidivism) from 76% to 22% in a seven year period.

Each student is given hand out materials daily and must follow along with video / personal instruction through a Biblical Principles format and take notes.

We have a long waiting list of applicants and presently have 20 students and 5 graduates auditing per session.

The GRO Pod helps to decrease taxpayer costs in paying for repeat offenders by lowering the recidivism rate by over half.  Three out of four attending our program will not return to jail or prison ever again.


GRO Pod Stats

 20 Eager Students

8 Weeks in the Word of God

168 Hours of Biblical Principle Workshops

The Results

Only 1 out of 4 ever return to jail

Lives Transformed!

Inmates Waiting to Participate!

How Can I Help?

$230 Per Student Per Session

Pray for Forgotten Man Ministry regularly

Take Online ChaplaincyTraining Course & Volunteer